Hemp Wick: The Organic Lighter

Starting healthier habits could now be as simple as trading in your Bic lighter and finally go organic with Hemp Wick.

As an occasional smoker, I have never really considered an organic lighter until I received my first hemp wick dispenser during the holidays. Resting on my palm was a 10ml glass with a corked top that can easily fit in my pocket and can be brought anywhere with ease. Inside of the glass contained twirled hemp coated with wax that burns at a lower temperature than gas lighters for smoother hits.

Hemp Wick Dispenser

When I first used hemp wick, it HIT me.

The flavorful taste, the herby aroma and effortless inhale all created the wonderful experience.

At that moment, hemp as an alternative to lighters made sense for the simple fact that, well…HEMP IS CANNABIS, duhh. I understand however the convenience of using a lighter to spark anything with a flick, but in most cases, individuals found inhaling butane and noxious gases from lighters when smoking tends to leave a foul taste in their mouth and leave them with an unenjoyable experience. Hemp on the other hand promotes a more tastier experience and high that leaves you feeling like you’re on cloud nine and not in a chimney.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

What truly grabbed my attention was not only is hemp great for our lungs but also the environment! I made the change towards ditching the plastic lighters which are often found in the streets, oceans and swallowed by a variety of animals for hemp wick, full of features that help you stay connected, live longer and give back to Mother Nature.

If you have tried hemp wick before please leave a comment and share how your experience was. If not, have your first experience smoking with hemp wick now by clicking on the etsy store below!

Until next time,

Chi & Love.

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